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District 51
11th Annual Convention at Penang
27-31 May 04


Division D Appreciation Night 2004/2004


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MESSAGE from Immediate Past District Governor, Khong Chooi Peng DTM

Please join me in saluting the following members of our District for their excellent performance during 2005-06. In recognition of their dedication and service, District 80 is proud to bestow on them the following awards:

Outstanding Division Governor of the Year 2005-2006
Tay Yiang Ping ATMB AL
Toa Payoh Central CC TMClub No. 8048
Warmest Regards,

KHONG Chooi Peng DTM
Immediate Past District Governor

Read this page and Division D 2005/06 Achievement
Division D 2005-2006 website

Dear Yiang Ping


Congratulations on being selected as the "Outstanding Division Governor" for 2005-2006. From my personal observation, you are a truly dedicated and commited district officer and an asset to Division D and the District. Congratulations once again!




Hi Yiang Ping


Congratulations on being bestowed the Outstanding Division Governor of the Year 2005-2006!  We are proud to be in your Division and thank you for the support you gave me and my club when we were struggling to survive.


Regards, Chris

Dear Tay Yiang Ping ATMB AL,


Congratulations for Outstanding Division Governor of the Year 2005-2006. This year I am taking up the role as Division H Governor, I would love to receive some of your sharing about how to run the Division to become outstanding from the others. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will continue "Be Your Best" so that we can "Learn from the Best"


Hope to see you in Macau and Hong Kong for the District Semi and Annual Convention.


Best Regards,

Neil Sy

Division H Governor 2006-2007 

Yes, indeed she is a role model for us to emulate in leadership. Having said that, it will be difficult for many to try to fit in your shoes.

Contrags Yiang Ping. You deserve to be recognized.

Chai Tun

Hi Yiang Ping,

Congratulation to you for another feather in the cap.

You have certainly make our club proud.

With this award, you look like another 'Indian' lady rose among the 'Indian' awardees.

Maybe we should call you 'Indira' Tay from now onwards.

Congratutlations again.



Yiang Ping, Congratulations! You are my role model for being a great Div Gov!


Aspar, Congratulations!




Tan May Yan ATMB CL

Well, It's only with excellent leadership and guidance from people like you people that we as members remain united as a team.


So we celebrate for Division D - Excellent leaders, United members!




Hi Yiang Ping:

Congratulations to you on winning the coveting Division Governor of the Year award, for 2005-06!

Your leadership skills, people skills, dedication, and commitment have been outstanding, making you the most obvious winner of this award.

As far as I can remember, you are the first Division D Governor, who has won this award.

You will be inducted into Toastmasters International's "International Hall of Fame", published in the "Toastmaster" magazine in October each year.

I have always thought the "Division Governor of the Year" is the most difficult award to get, among the three (the other two are the District TM of the Year, and Area Governor of the Year).   The scope of responsibility is tremendous, and the only way to succeed as a DvG, is to lead, rather than doing the job yourself.

Congratulations again to you on the well-earned award.


Kan Kin Fung

This is CP.Plenty Congratulations for winning Division Governor of the year 2005-2006 for Division 80. You more than deserve the Win! I am captivated at how much efforts you have rendered.! Many would want to emulate your splendid example I am sure! Best wishes for next level of achievement. Please count me to give you full support.Congratulations again!!

Hi Michael, Kersi and Yiang Ping


CONGRATULATIONS to all three of your for attaining the titles of Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year, Outstanding Area

Gov. of the Year and Outstanding Div Gov. of the Year, respectively.


I am proud to know you, to have worked with you and be associated with you.

Keep up the good work, you deserve it.


With Warm Regards,

Albert Lim

Mobile: 93872244

Hi Yiang Ping,


Congratulations on being Division Governor of the Year


Best Wishes


Fantastic…. Congratulations. Thanks for your time and “spirit to serve” so that we can enjoy the wonderful learning environment in the Toastmaster journey.



Poh Pian

Dear Yiang Ping,

Congratulations to you for being voted as the Outstanding Division Governor of the Year 2005-2006. Well done!

Best regards,

WOW!  Congratulations.  I always believed that you will get the honour sooner or later.
All the best.
Henry Teoh

Dear Yiang Ping

Once again let me extend my congratulations to you for a brilliant finish as Division D Governor 2005-2006.  You clinched the President Distinguished Division goal, and also roped your husband into the movement.  Few women can do that!

I have also observed how you are able now, to get on the stage spontaneously, and speak off-the-cuff so effortlessly! This is no mean feat for someone from a background of Chinese-stream education.   Which makes me resolved to start learning Chinese all over again and converse in Chinese.  Giving toastmasters speeches in Chinese is still a little daunting for the moment.

Once again, my heartiest congratulations!

Ho Mian Lian
Dr Ho Mian Lian
Associate Professor

Dear Yiang Ping,

You have enhanced the Division D motto of "Make Members Matter" and you have brought it to greater heights with your commitment and concern for all Division D clubs. This is why many District 80 Toastmasters look to Division D as a role model and even envy our clubs.

The smooth transition from one term to another, the willingness of Division Toastmasters to assume Leadership and to carry on the Division D Tradition is what makes the difference in Division D. You are an exemplary model of what a Division D Leader is made of and this term is proof of this. We have always put 'service' before 'results' and that is why our Members Matter.
God knows that the commitment, effort and expense that we personally devote to this service cannot be replaced as it is a personal satisfaction and achievement only we know. I thank you and Division D for the award of Division Toastmaster of The Year although I personally feel that it is an embarrassment because I know I've not done enough to even meet your standards.

All Division D Toastmasters commend you on a very successful and fruitful term and yes I concur with Division Adviser James Lim DTM that you certainly deserve the Division Governor of The Year Award.

Thank you and best Regards,

Michael Rodrigues.

To My Dear Good Friends

You have taken the time to be there

When I needed you, and you have

listened to me when my life was changing.

You have always cared enough to try to

understand my feelings

and help me to understand myself.

Most important, your consideration

and honesty have shown me

that your friendship is true.

Thank you for being such

a good friend to me and

for all the joys we have known together


Division D Council 2005-2006

Division D Hall of Fame on 10th June 2006
Special Thanks to Members of Toa Payoh Central CC TMC (formerly Skymedia TMC) and RSVP Gavel Club
for the kind support during my term as Division D Governor 2005-2006

Division D 10th Anniversary Dinner Celebration 8th Oct 2006

Since 8th Mar 2004