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Farewell Ceremony
on 31 December 2003

From Staff & Management of IMAGINiT Singapore


IMAGINiT Technologies 2001 - 2003 (formerly Newton CADesigns)
Download News Release on March 21, 2001

Words of Thanks from Staff...

Sew Jung Sung, 11 years, General Manager

From the bottom of my hearts, I thank you for your great leadership, your thoughtfulness, your generosity and kindness, your high measure of understanding and support, which have been given to me.


IMAGINiT 19th Anniversary Celebration 30/9/2008

IMAGINiT 18th Anniversary Celebration 19/10/2007

IMAGINiT 17th Anniversary Celebration 06/10/2006

Lunar New Year Lo Hey Dinner with IMAGINiT Staff - 10/02/2006

Lunar New Year Lo Hey Lunch with IMAGINiT Staff - 21/02/2005


Leing Chee Seng, 8 years, MM Manager


Thank you for the first steps, for the many chances, for the support!


Richard Baey, 2 years, Training Manager

Thanks for everything!

Daniel Tay, 9.5 years, Sales Manager


Thank you for being a Wonderful Boss! Best Wishes!

Yvonne Chia, 8 years, Administrator


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,  Ms Tay, .

Alain Lan, 1.5 years, MCAD Manager

No word can describe your contribution Big Thank You!! Wish you all the best!

Marcus Yeo, 1 year, MCAD Engineer

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work in the Company and with the rest of the people

Ismail, 3 years, Application Engineer



Young at Heart










New Ideas



Bernard Chang, 7 years, Head, Technical


Many Thanks for all these years.

Formerly Operation Manager,  presently autodesk Training Centre Manager

Just want to say thank you for the support you have provided as a boss during my employment in Newton CADesign. You have indeed played a big role for shaping what I'm today.

Sincerely wish you all the best.

Visited Rand World Wide in Toronto, Canada - 2001

Since 8th Mar 2004