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Our First Reunion Dinner 16 Jan 2012



Newton CADesigns 1989 - 2000
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Sew June Sung, 8 years, Business Manager


“I work here because it is like a big family –

            we can share our experience, talk out our problems and find solutions together. We take care of the work and the company takes care of us – we thrive mutually.”

Leing Chee Seng, 5 years, MM Manager


“The company provides a non-interfering atmosphere where the staff is provided with a fair amount of autonomy, my personal output has improved in terms of both quality and quantity due to the freedom given to me.”

Daniel Tay, 6 years, Sales Manager


“A flexible routine, an understanding boss and a self ingrained sense of commitment and responsibility helps us work together and achieve our common goal, which is to provide value for money quality products and services.”

Vincent Chong, 6 years, Operation Manager


“We work here as a team regardless of hierarchy, we believe in results and providing a high level of service to the clients and ensuring their satisfaction.”

Aileen Austria 7 years, Senior Support Engineer


"I feel that I should share this award with you... read the attached email from Aileen

Employee Feeback 2000

Environment factors that are worth preserving

  • no office politics

  • Open environment, empowerment, learning culture, customer-oriented

  • Close rapport, take responsibility, nimble, team work

  • “Family” value, flexibility, democracy

  • High degree of autonomy, empowerment, simple, trim & lean organisation, agility

  • Team work, respect, honesty, work of honour

  • Understanding, reasonable and caring boss

  • Staff cohesiveness, understanding

Strength of the Company

  • Team work,

  • open communication,

  • close rapport,

  • democracy,

  • no hierarchy,

  • staff contributing their best,

  • interactive work relation,

  • flexibility,

  • people,

  • loyalty,

  • freedom at work.

  Individual Feedback for Ms Tay

  • Friendly and good boss, constantly improving herself

  • Determined, a role model

  • Service oriented but sometime beyond customer satisfaction

  • Dynamic, practical, considerate, appreciative, empowering

  • Re-inventing business as a Training Centre

  • Receptive to feedback/recommendations

  • Flexible, tactful

  • Great, understanding

  • Good, gentle

  • Understanding

Since 8th Mar 2004