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Air Wellness™ Power5 Pro

-  Nikken Air Wellness Technology

The Air we breath

The quality of your life depends on your environment. And what affects this most? The air that you and your family are breathing, awake and asleep.

Daily exposure to indoor air pollution can be as much as 100 times higher than to polluted air outside. Carpeting, furniture, and household cleaners can emit chemical vapors. So can building materials - wallboard, paneling, treated wood, glues and paints. Dust, pet dander, pollen and odors are also typically in household air. Even gases such as radon and carbon monoxide are found in many homes. All of this can add up to an indoor atmosphere higher in pollutants than the outdoor air of some large cities!

Consider this: we spend, on average, 90% of our time indoors. Most of that time we are at home. Some people spend even more time inside. These include the elderly, small children, infants - individuals for whom good air quality may be even more critical. The air in your home can assist in supporting good health, for you and your family. And to help you breathe easier, Nikken has a solution
- Air Wellness™ Power5&trade Pro.

The Air Wellness™ Power5&trade Pro; is more than just an air purifier. It features patent-pending technology that produces negative ions without creating harmful ozone. It even includes an aromatherapy system. The Power5 Pro is the only air filtering system that uses all five filtering techniques to remove airborne contaminants and make your home an environment of wellness - trapping, destroying, absorbing/adsorbing and attracting the pollutants. Plus, it is the only air filtration system that accomplishes all this without adding any pollutants. Some air filters remove contaminants but create their own! The Power5 Pro cleans the air and adds ions using clean technology: a new, patent-pending system for producing negative ions called clean ion generation. All in all, Nikken Power5 Pro is the most advanced, most reliable way to ensure that the air around you is as good as it should be - the air you were meant to breathe.

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Courtesy of Nikken Wellness Singapore Pte Ltd


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